AA/AAA Battery Cell Phone Charger

I saw a short video of this cool little charger one day and it really caught my eye. It is just so small and basic but useful at the same time. I instantly went to Amazon and found it here Link to Amazon.com

What’s really great about it is that you can shove this thing in your pocket and forget about it until you need it. I have several around the house now and they alway come in handy because there are AA battery everywhere. We have them all over our house.

This mini phone charger works with AA or AAA batteries. It comes standard with a micro-usb interface and an adapter to make it work with your iPhone.

Perfect Charger for a Survival Pack

If you go to this charger on Amazon and read the reviews you will see how people are using this. It is the perfect phone charger for a survival kit. You don’t have to keep it charged up like a battery bank and you can use any batteries you find just laying around. Once you run out of all source of power for your phone this could be the perfect last line of defense.

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