Stuck Without a Winch? Try Bog Out

Get your vehicle unstuck the easy way using this innovative vehicle recovery kit which turns your wheels into winches! Bog Out works both in forward and reverse offering an independent, safe and reliable 4×4 off-road recovery kit. Check it out here at here by following this link to

It has been tested to handle 3 tons and it  can also be used as a tow rope. It is more versatile than a snatch strap or a recovery strap. It is safe and simple to use – Either attach through your tire or around the wheel. The rope ‘ladder’ is designed to harness your wheel as your own engine provides the power to get you unstuck. It fits all vehicles and 4×4’s and is effective in mud, sand, and snow. 

BOG OUT is one of the ultimate offroad recovery kits available. It is lightweight and compact: The BOG OUT vehicle recovery kit fits under your seat or anywhere handy offering peace of mind next time you go offroad.

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